Easier growing with Kekkilä FLOW for Ornamental Plants

In this article we cover the main advantages of using the Kekkilä Flow product portfolio for the cultivation of Ornamental Plants and why these substrates could help you as a grower. Kekkilä FLOW products have been used extensively by multiple growers in different climate zones and using different cultivation techniques. The FLOW product portfolio proves to be suitable for versatile use and a wide range of crops.

Filling pots with Kekkilä FLOW

Next to growing, Kekkilä FLOW also makes potting easy as it’s clean and uniform in structure. Filling pots with a potting machine goes without problems and the EasyFLOW can even be used in pots from 10.5 – 17 cm.

Controlling moisture levels made easier with Kekkilä FLOW

Moisture levels can prove to be challenging during the different stages in cultivation. As the start of growing a grower needs to make sure the moisture in the substrate he is using is brought to the ideal level for the crop. With FLOW sudden fluctuations of moisture levels are not possible, also rewetting is easier, as peat and wood fibre create a uniform matrix and they interlock with each other, creating physical structure which helps absorb water quicker. Increased amount of solids in the mix, means lower surface tension of some particles, which has direct effect to quicker and easier absorption of water. Rewetting FLOW is easier and faster than rewetting other substrates for Ornamental Plants due this.


For the cultivation of Ornamental Plants, a grower needs to be able to control (and possibly slow down) the growth of a crop to influence flowering dates to match delivery dates. Ornamental Plants growing in Kekkilä FLOW are easier to control because FLOW has increased drainage properties than, for example, substrates made of 100% peat of peat with coco added to it. Also, increased Easily Available Water levels in FLOW mixes, helps grower to adjust irrigation and fertilization, which will have immediate effect on crops growth.


You can choose based on your growing preferences and properties (pot size, irrigation method, cultivation method, etc) which drainage level fits your needs, Prime, Safe, Easy or Steady FLOW.


Healthy roots in Kekkilä FLOW

The substrates within the FLOW product portfolio ensure enough airiness for the roots to develop optimally. Ornamental Plants in Kekkilä FLOW show faster root development and a healthy, strong root system throughout the growing stages.


Would you like to start using Kekkilä FLOW products for your Ornamental Plants, to start growing easier and more effectively? Find a distributor in your area.

Make sure to check how to adjust processes in your nursery if you’d like to start using the Kekkilä FLOW products.